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NORCO PCMB-6688 plays a role in medical monitor

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-05-22


Project Background

Health is a topic that have never been ignored by our species, with gradual rising of people's living standard and continuing improvement of health care system, more and more attention paid to health, simple yet versatile medical devices have been widely promoted in various medical institutions. Monitor refers to a monitoring system that 24-hour monitoring and analysis of various physiological parameters, alert when the parameters of the patient exceeds a certain value, to remind health care workers or the patient's family to rescue, it is of critical equipment for health care workers to diagnose, treatment and rescue.

With the improvement of domestic medical standards, many medical institutions racing each other to improve the technical instruments, and pursuing instruments that featuring integrated, professional, intelligent and informatization, the upgrading of traditional medical devices gradually began, the need for medical equipment and infrastructure increased dramatically, thus, provide the monitor and other intelligent devices a broad market space.

System Introduction

Medical monitors is becoming one of the most common electronic instruments at hospitals, widely used in CCU, ICU ward and operating room, emergency room and other occasions. From the initial ECG to blood pressure, respiration, pulse, temperature, blood oxygen saturation, cardiac output vector, pH value, etc. physiological parameters, monitor interactive capabilities gradually enhanced to automatic analysis and diagnosis, with alarm function, make it an ideal solution for improving the quality of medical services by providing a more reliable protection via more comprehensive, more accurate grasp of the patient's condition.

In addition to compact design, the capabilities for support CPU card of LCD, bear ambulance bumps, provides powerful processing capability, low power consumption, no pollution are the key elements need to take into consideration for the medical industry.
1. Rich I/Os
Medical monitors need to connect many external devices, such as: data acquisition module, display terminals, printing equipment and network communications, if there is not enough interfaces that intelligent work cannot works.
2. Small size
The purpose for a small size is to create a good medical environment, in addition, light weight, small size is convenient for portable, vehicle-mounted, and improve its utilization.
3. Stable Performance
Monitor can real-time, continuous, long time monitor important parameters of the patient, it is providing first-hand information and diverse clinical vital signs parameters to save the patient, a minor failure of it might put a patient's life in danger.
4. Power Supply
Because the ambulance drive by 12V DC, and at the ward room, usually only 220V AC, go outdoors and moving at hospital corridors carry requires to consuming battery, so monitor design needs considering low power consumption of both AC and DC power supply and battery.
NORCO’s PCMB-6688 is AMD LX700 (/LX800) + CS5536 chipset based, features low power, compact, measures only 96mm×90mm, while providing 2x serial interfaces, 1x parallel port, 1x mini IDE interface, 1x 10 / 100M Ethernet port, 4x USB2. 0 , 1x PC / 104 + scalable interface, the integrated compact monitor tests multiple parameters for the ward, it can also be used outdoors, it can set time, continuous or long time detect patients’ vital signs parameters.

1. Compact
96mm × 90mm standard design, compact structure, small and flexible, to overcome the large majority of industrial board defects, it is ideal for tiny equipments such as monitor, easy to install, stable and durable.
2. Energy Saving
Utilizing AMD LX700 (/LX800) + CS5536 chipset, CPU frequency is 433MHz / 500MHz, unique low-power, fanl ess design, the entire board consumes only 6W while improving processing capabilities and lower power consumption.
3. Strong Expansion Capability

It measures only 96mm×90mm, while providing 2x serial interfaces, 1x parallel port, 1x mini IDE interface, 1x 10 / 100M Ethernet port, 4x USB2. 0 , 1x PC / 104 + scalable interface,
PCMB-6688-- PC / 104 + standard motherboard 
◆ Support for ultra-low power AMD LX700 / LX800 processor with a minimum power consumption of less than 1W
◆ AMD LX700 (LX800) + CS5536 chipset
◆ 1x DDR 333 / 400MHZ SO-DIMM slots up to 1GB
◆ AMD LX700 (LX800) built-in graphics controller, supports VGA / LVDS / TFT output
◆ AC "97 CODEC, can provide 2x channels (L + R) Speak out, MIC-IN Interface
◆ 1 x Realtek 8100C 10 / 100Mbit / s Ethernet
◆ 2x COM / 4x USB / LAN / LPT / PC104 +
System Framework
Monitor consists of four parts: signal parameters, analog processing, digital processing, information output. Clinical care needs of different monitoring projects, the monitor resorts to corresponding detection module to collect body parameters, and then amplify, filtering, transform the data, and finally calculate, analysis and storage the detected signal, while resulting output is displayed, the system also coordinate the works of all parts, such as analysis reports, print, alarm.


NORCO's compact embedded board PCMB-6688 is designed to be central processing system for multi-parameter monitors, it is highly praised by the majoirty of  medical equipments manufacturers as it is rich I/O, powerful, low power, and  stability.

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