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NORCO PCMB-6680 used in blood analyzer

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-05-22


Project Background

Simple yet versatile medical devices have been widely promoted in various medical institutions as the maturity of health care system and people's attention paid more on health, it can detect the disease very timely, easy to operate, also it contributes to enhance National health status.
System Introduction

Hematology analyzer involving optics, precision machinery, automatic control, electronic circuits, thermal engineering, biochemistry, analytical chemistry and other disciplines, and require high precision and high reliability, is a very complex clinical testing which widely used hospital equipment, it bears most of the routine clinical laboratory work, it was determined through blood analysis indicators can make an assessment of the various organs of the body to help diagnose, it plays an important role in the clinical laboratory.

Customer Demand
Clinical work put forward new demands to blood analyzer as the development of science and technology and continuous improvement of clinical medicine, more convenient, flexible, stable and highly efficient modern blood analyzers. 

1. Rich I/O
Blood analyzer needs to connect a variety of external devices, including signal collection, result show, storage, printer, without a variety of interfaces it cannot works.

2. Detection Speed
Testing speed test is not only related to the quality of fast service offered by medical institutions, but also directly affect clinical diagnosis, and rapid detection system must require excellent internal controller performance, powerful processing capabilities.

3. Easy Operation
Beyond user-friendly interface, Internet-enabled system also supports management, analysis of data, and promise trouble-free long-term stable operation.

4. Compact, low power consumption
Blood analyzer is supposed to be integrated complex and diverse components in the system, plus the special requirements of medical environment for small volume and environmental protection, so control board must be small size, low power consumption, high stability.

PCMB-6680 is an ultra-low power full-function embedded motherboard utilizing AMD LX700 CPU + CS5536 South Bridge, CPU frequency of 433MHz, the entire board meanures only  96mm × 90mm, consumes only 6W. AMD LX700 built-in graphics controller, suppors VGA + LVDS, VGA + TFTLCD synchronized dual display, meet the diverse needs of  blood analyzer .

Also provides 2x serial ports, 1x parallel port, 1x mini IDE interface, 1x 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet interfaces, one for the extended PC104 interface, providing a powerful embedded platform for blood analyzers.

Motherboard adopts ultra-low-power processor chip, wide operating range 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, excellent  performance at low temperature, while the endurance of high temperature solves the system failure due to low reliability of fan, ensure that the blood analyzer  long-term stability and trouble-free. PCMB-6680 is a sucess as its proved powerful system functions, stability, compatibility and  in the blood analyzers.

Product Features
1. Ultra-low-power processor supports AMD LX700 / LX800 / LX900 processor with a minimum power consumption of less than 1W
2. Chipset AMD LX700 (LX800 / LX900) + CS5536 based
3. 1x DDR 333 / 400MHz SO-DIMM up to 1GB
4. AMD LX700 (LX800 / LX900) built-in graphics controller, supports VGA / LVDS / TFT output
5. Audio AC'97 CODEC, can provide 2-channel (L + R) Speak out, MIC-IN Interface
6. Realtek 8100C 10 / 100Mbit / s LAN
7. I / O: 2x COM / 4x USB / LAN / LPT / PC104

System Principle
Blood analyzer tests various blood indicators via analysis of blood, such as: transaminase, hemoglobin, albumin, total protein, cholesterol and glucose. In conjunction with other clinical data, conduct a comprehensive analysis, to help diagnose the disease, and evaluation of organ function, differential concurrent factors and determine a baseline for future treatment and the like. 

First blood analyzer using a variety of biosensors to convert biochemical reactions into electrical signals, biochemical analyzer for monitoring and processing signals change, conduct a comprehensive analysis, and show, printing, storage the results, and sent to the upper management systems.

System structure

The current blood analyzer basically mimic manual process, automate the analysis procedures, e.g. sampling, add reagents, mixing, thermal reaction, and the results calculated and displayed as well as washing and other steps,  based on the work process, its structure is also can divide into following sections:

1. Sampler: for place, transport and distribue samples.
2. Sampling devices: including dilution, a sampling probe and sample and reagent delivery pipelines.
3 .Reaction system: generally acts as cuvettes (tube).
4. Cleaning system: cleaning, meanwhile provide a constant temperature for chemical reactions.
5. Detector:  e.g. colorimeter, spectrophotometer, electrochemical measurement instrument.
6. Control system:if  the brain of a analyzer, with remote operation, fault diagnosis, multiple data processing and storage capabilities, the user can command the instrument through keyboard, and the computer can accept feedback from various parts of signals and respond accordingly, issued a designated warning signal towards anomalies. Analysis software and analysis results are generally stored which makes it easy for data upload and analysis.
7. Printer: prints the inspection report
8. Display: shows the current status of instrumentation, analysis results, etc.

Application Effects
PCMB-6680 features fanless, compact, low power consumption, supports COM, USB,  PC / 104 expansion to meet the needs of a variety of display, in practice, it contributes to stable performance, scalability, easy upgrade and maintenance of many blood analyzesr, furthermore, the strong technical support and service network at both home and abroad makes NORCO is destined to save your worries.

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