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NORCO Embedded Motherboard Joins Hands with Medical Multi-parameter Clinical Monitor

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2012-05-24

Background Introduction:


Medical Reform was paid attention by China recently. The focus of medical reform is how to access to complete, accuracy and safe diagnostic information via using advanced medical equipment. Clinic usually adopts physiological monitor for operating room, emergency room, ICU/CCU and other rooms. As for medical multi-parameter clinical monitor, it is a type of medical device for monitoring ECG, RESP, SPO2, N1BP, TEMP, and IBP. It can choose corresponding parameter according to clinical demands. Medical multi-parameter clinical monitor includes parameter measurement function, displaying and recording functions, which can be applied to adult, children and newborns monitoring.


Clients’ Requirements:

Most medical multi-parameter clinical monitor collects basic parameters (ECG, RESP, blood pressure, etc.) through inspection, then CPU will process these signals and inspection results will connects to central monitoring system. Besides, host controls monitors of multi parameters and records.


A medical equipment manufacturer in Shanghai works on all types of clinic monitor’s innovation, production and sales. Its products were applied to many domestic and foreign clinics because of high performance and high reliability of the equipment. Due to the specialties of clinical monitor, clinical monitor should not only collect information and operates 24 hours in non-stop, but also be able to have powerful processing ability. Collections models should be in low power consumption, be portable and be in rich functions. As a result, Norco comes up with a solution to meet all the functions that clients need. Norco’s low power dissipation and high performance embedded single board computer EMB-3730 is the key. EMB-3730 onboards Intel super low power dissipation— Pentium-M processor and integrated display controller. It supports CRT and LVDS outputs, realizing independent dual view display, and provides 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controller, 2 COM and USB2.0 interfaces. It supports general PC/104 interface. System will be able to collect signals (ECG, body temperature, breath and etc.) through expansions of the interface.


 System Structure:

System Comment:


1. Norco EMB-3730 meets the hardware requirements of medical multi-parameter clinical monitor

1.     2. Low power consumption, EMB-3730 can operates in a very long hour

2.     3. Rich interfaces for more connections

3.     4. Small size (145mmx102mm) enables monitor portable.

4.     5. High performance with decent price

5.     6. EMB-3730 was also widely used in financial, transportation and lottery industry.

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