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NORCO's IPC RPC-619 serves as weight and charge system in highway

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-19

System Summary:
With the development of China’s economy, the construction of high way has become one of the controversial projects. Toll system as one of the four mechanical and electronic engineering charging system, is essential to the application of mechanical and electronic engineering of highway.  It is also the most effective and mature system. Norco has superiority in the field.  In order to comply by the implementation of Regulations on Over-Load Transportation and Roads Management (reduce the loss caused by over-load transportation and strengthen the scientific management of roads) from the Ministry of Transportation of the People’s Republic of China, a company in Southwest invents its own dynamic vehicle-weight oriented toll system under its independent intellectual property. This new system can be applied to dynamic axle weighting, vehicle weighting, road overrun control, and toll system, etc.

System Requirements:
Highwayvehicle-weight oriented toll system needs to operate steadily in a long time under the extreme circumstances of high/low temperature, wild field, humidity, electromagnetism, dust, and vibration, etc. System’s MTBF should be above 300,000 hours, and MTTR should be less than one hour. In order to make sure the toll system can perform its charging and surveillance functions, the toll system can only choose industrial computer to meet the demands: dampproof, anti-dust, anti-electromagnetism, longtime operation, wide temperature scale, industrial CPU, industrial control card and managing module. Norco’s products can fulfill all these tasks.

System Overview:
Highwayvehicle-weight oriented toll system consists of dynamic weighing instrument, vehicle separator, axle recognizer, weighing control machine and weighing manage computer system. (see pictures below)

Dynamic weighing instrument— to calculate the dynamic weights of vehicle axles.

Vehicle separator— provide separation for vehicles and departure signals. Valid detection height is 0.5~1.7m.

Axle recognizer— to identify the axle type of vehicle.

Weighing control cabinet— cabinet deploys weighing control machine,  power supply, signal control machine, axle recognizer’s control circuit, and protection circuit unit. Case uses IP65 protection.

Weighing manage computer system—  weighing manage computer system is the operation platform. It can connects to toll system through network database.


Configuration of RPC-619 vehicle-weight oriented toll system:

1.     4U, 19’’ Rackmount, European and American style, conforms to EIARS-310C standard

2.     8.4’’LCD, definition of 800x600

3.     Provides 1x5.25 inch and 3.5 inch drive bay, 4 HDD can be added through HDD transfer frame

4.     Cooling system, 2x12025 two ball bearing cooling fans at the front, 1x8015 ball cooling fan at the back of the case

5.     Power supply: PW-250 industrial power supply

6.     Utilizes standard industrial CPU motherboard NORCO-760





NORCO-760 uses Intel 852GM+ICH4 chipsets, a high performance, high safety and high reliability industrial computer platform. Onboard Intel ULV Celeron M600/800MHz processor. Super low power dissipation with maxi power dissipation 5-7W. Fan is not needed.  NORCO-760 supports 2x184 pin DDR DIMM, DDR 266MHz, up to 2GB. It also provides ESD protection function, watch dog timer, high capacity DOC(Disk on Chip) function to perfect the system. 6xUSB2.0 and 6xCOM are provided. COM2 supports RS232/RS422/RS485, and others are RS232.




Three hundred and twenty RPC-619 have performed steadily over one year in Jiangxi and Hebei province’s vehicle-weight oriented toll system. Customers think highly of it. It also increase the efficiency of the business, bring profits to the business.

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