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NORCO based on Intel X86 architecture IOT gateway product solutions

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-04-20

The development and application of Internet of things (IoT) are getting more and more broad, IoT involving intelligent building, digital medical, public safety, industrial automation, supply chain, agriculture, electricity, finance, military and other fields, so that we experience the magic of the IoT and it has gone deep into our lives.

NORCO is an assoicate member of Intel IoT solutions, launched a new networking innovative solutions based on Intel ® Quark ™ SoC motherboard EMB-3690,features  industrial grade wide temperature range, low-power design, and integration with Intel IoT gateway solutions. Integrated software and hardware platform, based on Linux OS, with greater security and enhanced manageability. the product provides a flexible network environment via supports Gigabit wired network / 3G networks.
As a gateway docking existing systems, the product allows seamless communication between devices, devices and cloud.

Intel ® Quark ™ processo vs Intel ® Atom ™ processor,  is much smaller, and consume less power, conduct less heat . the chip size is only 1/5 of the later, power consumption is only 1/10. The product adopts Intel ® Quark ™ processor family mainly apply to IoT innovative solutions such as computing and automobile, industrial equipment and wearable devices.EMB-3690 motherboard is based on the Intel ® Quark ™ SoC, its mission is enhance integration of new generation of smart connected devices and reduce costs, while maintaining compatibility of Intel ® architecture instruction set, furthermore, it can  directly apply existing PCI-E device to Intel ® Quark ™ microprocessor.



       ◆ This 3.5-inch embedded board is Intel® Quark SoC based
       ◆ X86 software compatibility, long life and Delivery period
       ◆ Onboard DDR3 800MHz 1GB memory
       ◆ 2 x 10 / 100M LAN; 2x COM, 1x MICRO SD, 2x USB2.0
       ◆ Rich I/O: 2x Mini PCIe, 1x SIM, 1x I2C, 1x SPI, 1x JTAG
       ◆ Size: 120mm x 120mm

NORCO's Embedded Motherboard EMB-3690 features excellent scalability, and supports various development applications, providing high integration,  low cost, compatibility for the new generation of smart connected devices, can directly apply existing PCI-E device to the Quark microprocessor, simplifying design and shorten the development cycle. It provides excellent host computer solutions for IOT gateway. This motherboard is an ideal choice for intelligent industry, smart home, smart healthcare, smart security, intelligent environmental protection, smart grid, intelligent transportation, smart logistics, smart agriculture, aerospace and aviation.


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