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NORCO embedded computer applies in automatic fare collection system (AFC)

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-19

System Summary:


Subway arises in domestic cities and rail transit develops prosperously. With the appearance of AFC, the efficiency of railway station improved a lot by employing less labors. AFC system uses intelligent IC card us payment to replace paper ticket, achieving automatic charging. It also has automatic ticketing, automatic ticketing checking, and automatic clearing functions. Norco’s product for AFC system has been widely applied in Beijng and Guangzhou’s railway system.



System Introduction:


AFC system consists of central computer system, station computer system, AFC field equipment, tickets and other devices. System is controlled by central computer and operated by networking system.


System Advantage:

AFC system utilizes Norco fan-less embedded computing system AFC-6572. System AFC-6572 adopts cooling, full enclosure and fan-less design.  It is based on Intel 945GSE+ICH7M high speed chipset, onboard CPU. Power consumption is less than 2.5 W. 16 serial ports, 6USB2.0, 2 Gigabit Ethernet port, 48 bit DI\O are allocated.  Rich interface makes connecting to various devices possible. At the same time, AFC-6572 supports independent dual view display, meeting display demands of ticket machine. System AFC-6572 also supports PCI, Mini-PCIE expansion to strengthen system expansion. Except for these advantages, System AFC-6572 can operates steadily under -25 ~75 ℃.


System Illustration:

System Pass the Following Tests (EMC Test Standards as Following):

TB/T 3058-2002

TB/T 3021-2001

TB/T 3034-2002


System Comment:


High reliability and safety of Norco embedded computer are successfully applied in AFC system(Beijing subway, Guangzhou subway, and magnetic train lines). Norco’s product can give you trust and a success future.

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