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NORCO and its intelligent self-service beverage packaging recycling machine solutions

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-18

Background Introduction:


Go green has been viewed as a fashion lifestyle in nowadays. Surprisingly, the appearance of intelligent beverage recycling machine spices people’s green life up. Statistics shows that hundred tons of beverage packages thrown away by city. If these beverage packages are not recycled timely, the cleanness of city will be affected and pollution will arise. Being able to recycle discarded packages will not only maintain the environment but can also turn to renewable resources. The intelligent beverage recycling machine is usually deployed in central city area, residential communities, subways, and shopping malls to help recycle progress. However, beverage recycling machine faces many problems like uneasy maintenance and harsh condition preventing its development. Thus, a new generation of beverage recycling machine based on Norco’s ARM platform was invented to keep up with the development.


System Function Requirement:

System should be capable of operating under harsh environments. Easy maintenance is required.

Supports bar code recognition, image recognition

Supports 3G wireless network

Supports remote surveillance

Supports voice prompt, bar code print, and magnetic card payment, etc.


System Theory and Solution:

Norco’s new generation beverage recycling machine has advantages over fast recognition speed, high accuracy, and image recognition technology. Machine consists of chassis, object recognition device, compression device, reward system and information display system. It can make use of gigabit network or 3G networks to achieve surveillance. Norco’s industrial-grade hardware platform and control system bear strict environmental test to meet the usage requirements in outdoors.


On the control interface of system, help button was provided with voice recycle steps for residence. Residence just need to throw the plastic bottles and cans into the recycling machine, then the machine will scan bar code. As a result there will be coins or coupons as rewards for residence. If there are damage on plastic bottles and cans, machine will return the plastic bottles and cans to residence.


System Illustration:

Norco’s hardware platform (ARM platform computer):

BIS-6380/ARM platform/ embedded barebone/1080P decoder/based on Freescle ARM platform’s low power consumed embedded barebone


Utilizes Freescale Cortex-A9 i.MX 6 series high performance and low power consumed processor(can choose single core, cores and quacore)

Integrated 3D graphic unit and 1080P coding/decoding video engine

Onboard 1GB DDR3 memory, 4GB iNAND flash

More than 4 serial ports, designed for multi serial ports solution

Provide HDMI, VGA, support independent dual view display

Onboard Wifi(optional), gigabit network and 3G(optional)

Android/Linux operation system


System Summary:


Norco’s new generation beverage recycling machine based on ARM platform’s barebone BIS-6380 accomplishes the intelligent system and safe managing role. Norco’s embedded solution features in excellent performance and compatibility, satisfying customers’ demands of high reliability, easy operation, and strong expansion, etc. It also help system integrator fast build their own application system. Currently, the embedded barebone based on ARM platform was widely used in numerical control, digital signage, vehicle, interactive customer end, media playing, ads, LCD screen, traffic control, communication system, and financial devices, etc.

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