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Smart Home, Intelligent Life

Original Source:Marketing Department|Time:2015-03-14

System Overview:
Accompanied with the constant development of computer, network and information technology, as well as the perpetual raising living standards, enjoy smart home has become possible, which is also an inevitable trend. Nowadays, the living space towards digital environment, network information home appliances and intelligent housing lured modern people racing one way or another.When it comes to intelligentize digital residence, automation solutions is the key, what you need is only an industrial computer (IPC) which provides diversified ports connect to residential surveillance systems, access control systems, lighting, audio and video, security, room temperature control and so on.Picking up, processing, storage and output information is what a host computer created for, by which it can easily control indoor lighting, curtain, temperature, household appliance, door monitoring, home theater, background music and other fashionable technology used at smart home, thus, invites its users to experience a efficient, comfortable , safe, convenient, and energy-efficient living environment. The following will present you details about NORCO’s smart home system solution based on Intel ® Atom ™ platform.

Functional Requirements about Smart Home System:
•Access control, visual intercom, identifying visitors through a video call, automatic unlocking the door;
•Home security system automatically deployment, is safe and stable;
•Centralized intelligent interior lighting control together with flexible, user-friendly design;
• Indoor scenario control;
•Home theater, audio and video and other integrated audio controls;
•Indoor temperature, humidity, and appliance control;
•Support for system remote control and management;
• Exquisite design, user-friendly interface, easy to operate.

Figure I, Intelligent Home Systems Solutions


Smart Home Constitution Principles
Smart home integrates household equipments via a series advanced technologies, e.g. comprehensive wiring, network communication, security precautionary, automatic control, audio and video.The centralized control of Smart home system over household equipments by means of integrating host computer management systems, network cabling systems and tablet PCs etc., each household equipments can be set on/off at a preset time, and can also be manually controlled, including ighting, air conditioning, video, networking, security and protection, and so on.NORCO's IPC control system, tablet pc and smart home gateway are designed to combine home lighting system, household appliances control system, temperature and scenarios control system, security monitoring system, audio and video playback system, access control and face recognition system etc.All these required highly on systems about safety and stability, communication reliability, efficiency and convenience, intelligent controlling, easy operability etc, end users can enjoy remote control home appliances via a computer or a mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.

Figure Ⅱ, NORCO Smart Home Solutions


Technical Advantages:

1.The Superior Processing and Graphics Performance Enhanced Smart Home Living Experience
Intel ® Atom ™ processor E3800 series (Bay Trail) as the 3rd gen of Intel's Atom platform, is based on Silvermont micro architecture and adopted Intel's industry-leading 22-nm process technology, it is blessed with excellent computing, graphics and media performance, and it can run under a wider range of heat. The product features Rich I / O, integrated memory controller, error correction code (ECC) and built-in security, with TDP ranging from 5W to 10W. 
1.1 The adoption of 22nm technology and for the first time introduced 3D transistor technology, integrated two chips to a single chip makes encapsulation smaller;
1.2 Quad-core processor for the first time configured on Atom platform, in theory, E3800 is 2x in performance compared to previous generation, its power consumption
10W, with minimum about 3W.
1.3 CPU clock speed — 1.6GHz 4-core and 2.0GHz 4-core, integrated the 7th Gen graphics engine and 2x display pipelines, supports DX11 and 3D output brings prominent display performance;
1.4 supports USB 3.0, 10 times faster in transmission speed VS USB 2.0.

Figure III, Intel ® Atom ™ Processor E3800 Series Chart

2. IPC Platform is of Industrial Grade and Versatile Interfaces 
NORCO BIS-6660C | ICEFIN cooling design | Intel Bay Trail SOC Platform | Fanless | Low Power
◆ NORCO patented desktop ICEFIN cooling design, fanless, noiseless
◆ Based on Intel Bay Trail platform, superb performance, energy-saving
◆Intel Gen 7 graphics support for fast video loading, 3D and standard HDMI HD player
◆ 2xDDR3L SO-DIMM memory slots, up to 8GB
◆ 1x USB3.0 & 5x USB2.0
◆ Built-in 2x MINI-PCIE, 2x SATAII ports
◆ 6 x COM, COM2 is adjustable, and supports RS 232/422/485 
◆ 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
◆ Provides VGA, HDMI, DVI display output, supports independent dual display 
NORCO IPC is very helpful for achieving:
1. 24x7uninterrupted work under harsh environments thanks to its industrial-grade components; 
2. Multi-serial ports can be accessed to a variety of external devices, such as: card reader, printer, barcode scanning, LPC control unit.
3. Multiple USB ports make it easy for connecting to external USB devices to access and upgrade data.
4. Supports touch screen, voice prompts, HD playback, information presentation, image recognition, alarm monitoring etc.
5. Gigabit Ethernet is loyal to network communication while supports 3G wireless access

Figure IV Hardware Interface Functions



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