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NORCO owns its own metal fabrication facility and electronics facility, having the ability to control the manufacturing process from start to finish.  NORCO’s metal fabrication facility provides our customers with complete chassis production while our electronics facility uses SMT and DIP production in our assembly lines.  NORCO uses the most advanced and reputable equipment in its facilities to ensure our products are reliable.

Our entire manufacturing process has been certified by ISO9001:2015,ISO14001:2015 to ensure all products produced in our facilities meet our strict quality control standards.  This means we can guarantee the highest quality products for our customers. We are determined to provide you and your company the best quality products that our facilities can offer with the best service our team can provide.

In 2009, NORCO had built the largest industrial computer manufacturing base in Huizhou, China in order to meet the rapid growth of the company. Our new base sits on 65,000 square meters on a 15 acre campus with over 600 employees including engineers, technicians, factory workers and management staff. Our manufacturing base also complies with all RoHS requirements.

The production base has set up world-class structure workshop and electronic workshop,  equipped with advanced SMT and DIP production line, assembly line and sophisticated testing equipments

Electronic Production Equipments         

Solder Paste Printer                |  SMT                                 |  Wave Solder                      |  REFLOW                            |  Dust-free Workshop

Advanced Testing Equipments      

SPI                                         | AOI                                     |  X-Ray Tester                    | Hi-temp. Aging Workshop      | Aging monitoring

Metal Processing Workshop      

CNC Milling Machine                          |  CNC Punch                                |  CNC Bending Machine                   |  General Punch

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